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Surely you have heard or personally experienced a blue screen of death. This is obviously a blue screen that displays a message. While some think that it is nothing more but an annoying error, it actually is used to protect your system. When a blue screen occurs, the computer shuts down, preventing any added damages to your system. Basically, the solution to the screen error in general is to restart the computer. However, this method is only temporary. You may reinstall the system and experience a screen-free computer for some months, but that would require a lot of work. If you are in search for a better way of fixing Windows Vista screen or any other Windows operating system, all you need to do is use a specialized registry cleaner. But of course, the best thing you may do is to prevent the error before it occurs. Prevention is still better than cure right?

As you probably know, a Windows Vista blue screen is a display of a blank, blue screen on your monitor due to an unidentified problem within your computer's system. While others panic and become hysterical, others are knowledgeable enough to know that there is a solution to this error. You may use registry repair for your Windows system, and it will only take you less than 10 minutes. With the help of this software, you not only get rid of the errors but also experience a faster running computer. Fixing the "blue screen of death" is as easy as ABC and 123.

When you go online, you will see several interesting software. Moreover, this software usually comes for free like mp3s, movies, screensavers and pictures among others. The Windows Vista is one of the best systems available, but even it cannot escape from the risks brought about by these downloaded stuffs and materials. Since most people are not aware of the dangers of these materials, they simply download it to their computers. There is a probability that these programs crash with other files. When this happens, you will not be able to pen that certain file, thus the occurrence of the blue screen. A good registry cleaner software can prevent all this from happening, particularly memory dump.

Once the registry scans your computer and all of its areas, it will wipe out all the unnecessary and invalid entries stored within your system's registry that can pave way for blue screen errors. Once the scan and wipe out is completed, the odds of a blue screen occurrence are lessened or even totally eliminated. This way, you would not have to put up with losing data unexpectedly. Any memory dump will also be prevented. A one-time installation of a good registry cleaner program is tantamount to a lifetime of benefits.

Now that you know what to use, the next question is where to get it. The Internet has virtually anything that you are looking for, including registry cleaners. All you have to do is find either a free cleaner or purchase one. It is very rare for people to find free registry cleaners so you better purchase one instead. These cleaners are normally very affordable.

Once you have cleaned your system registry, make it a point to delete any additional and unwanted software or programs from your system. Delete the Internet temporary files and intruder files as well. Lastly, clean up your hard drive. In doing all of these, you do not have to worry about another Vista blue screen appearance anymore.

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Vista Blue Screen Fix

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This article was published on 2010/03/30