Video Projectors and the Convenience it Bring

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The video projector is probably one of the greatest inventions since the telephone. It has made multimedia presentation a walk in the park. This is now one of the essential device for religious services, seminars, classroom lectures, or product presentations.

It has done away with the overhead projector which projects visual aids from acetates. Even writing on a blackboard or white board has become unnecessary because you can present your concepts on interactive media complete with animation.

Here are some tips on using a video projector with a computer.

Make sure that it is perpendicular to the projection screen or wall when setting up a projector.

Make use of the keystone adjustment to compensate for the tilt of the projector.

See to it that the cable connections are fixed properly.

Turn the projector on first to make sure that the computer reads it as the primary monitor.

Make tweaks in the graphic options and select the output “extended desktop.” (This is true for an Acer pc; it may vary with other brands or operating systems.) This doubles the “length” of your desktop. Imagine that you have two desktops side by side; your cursor can cross between the two. The left desktop can be seen on your computer screen, this is your primary monitor. While the right desktop can be seen on the projected screen, this is your secondary monitor.

If you are using the Easy Worship application, look for the monitor icon, click it and under “output to” select “secondary monitor.” This part is important because if it is not done, the audience can see the multimedia operator editing stuff on the secondary monitor, which is the projected screen. This should not be the situation. The operator should be doing his thing on the primary monitor only, that is the computer screen, which is not seen by the audience.

If the venue has a low ceiling, it should be noted that worship presentations should be adjusted to compensate for this. So if the people are standing, only the upper half of the projected screen is visible to the people at the back. To make up for this, the text of your presentation should be limited to the upper half of the screen. However, this technique is not applicable if the audience is sitting down.

There are a lot of video projectors in the market today each with their own feature. It is up to you to choose what specific features you need.

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Video Projectors and the Convenience it Bring

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This article was published on 2010/11/10