Video Projector – Choosing the Right One

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The range of projectors available in the market can simply confuse anybody tasked with procuring a video projector today. There are so many features and selections available for different needs and specifications.

Before any purchase it is important to have a think about what you will be using it for and in what kind of environment. The business user will have very different requirements to someone wanting to set up a home cinema. Companies are now marketing hybrid projectors that claim to be able to be used for both home cinema and business. These two environments are very different though and will need projectors designed specifically to be able to handle these two very different uses. As you read the rest of the article you will begin to understand what you need to look out for when purchasing your video projector.

Make sure to take note of the seating capacity, the area of the room, the probable position of the projector in relation to the room, the lighting requirements, etc before even going to an electronics dealer. Take note of the size, type, and location, if there is an existing screen. Pick the probable positions for mounting it in order to identify the distance from the screen to the projector and the kind of mounting appliances needed.

Then you have to identify what requirements are needed from the system, whether live video feeds are to be used. The equipment needed for computer or video player connections are different from those that utilize live cameras.

Consider the light output that is required of this projector. Prices have gone down since it first came out so theres no need to hold back on the lighting output. The minimum level adequate is 2000 lumens. This output is already bright enough to illuminate a screen of small to medium size clearly, that is if the ambient lighting can be controlled. When your screen length is 8 ft or less, just dim the lights or draw the window blinds and 2000 to 2500 lumens will be sufficient. Then again, if it is not possible to control the ambient lighting, the minimum light output should start at 3200 lumens depending on the screen area.

Take into consideration the physical measurements of the projector. The portability of the device comes into question if you plan on moving the unit from one room to another such as in a classroom setting or if you plan on bringing the unit with you on the road such as seminar engagements. In these cases, a fairly small unit is required. Look for a unit that weighs not more than ten pounds.

Select a projector that gives a 5-yr warranty so that replacement of the bulbs will not be a problem.

You have a selection of four types: a portable screen, a fixed-frame screen, a pull-down screen, or an electric screen if you still dont have a screen.

Consult a video expert to translate all these data into recommendations for a satisfactory system. Inquire for other practical proposals if ever the recommended specifications are too high for the budget.

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Video Projector – Choosing the Right One

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This article was published on 2010/11/12