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Screens can be mounted to walls or in the case of computer screens they can be mounted to a desk in order to prevent any unnecessary damage and also to ensure that an office space remains need and tidy at all times. screen mounts are useful as well as stylish systems that can be used in homes as well as work environments.

Desk mounts provide space saving and flexible monitor mounting solutions. They allow the screen to be mounted in ways that the screen is still movable to prevent glare and ensure that you are able to work comfortably. These types of screen mounts come with different functions and can move vertically and/or horizontally depending on what exactly you are looking for. Swivel and rotation options are also available for screens that need to be viewed from different angles.

Screen mounting is done according to the size of the screen as the larger the screen is, the greater the weight of the screen also becomes and therefore a more secure mounting option is also required. Screen sizes fall into the categories of 14 to 26 inch, 26 to 32 inch, 32 to 60 inch and 60 inch plus sizes. The 60 inch plus sizes are however limited with mounting options as the weight of the screen is the first concern and it is necessary to ensure that the screen is safely and securely mounted.

HowLo have the most comprehensive range of brackets and screen mounts on the market, covering the complete spectrum of needs and budgets. Within their comprehensive range, customers will find high quality solutions to what they require. Their off the shelf answers meet the highest engineered criteria and are reinforced with their considerable stock holding. HowLos positive reputation in the industry continues to grow. When you come to "the bracket people" you can walk away with your needs satisfied no matter how big the job.
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Screen Mounts

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This article was published on 2010/10/30