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Types of Laptop Screen Repair

If your laptop screen isn't displaying pictures quite the way it used to, don't worry; you're not alone.

Laptop screen repair is the most common type of repair,and establishing the cause of the problem is the first step to knowing whether or not you need a full screen replacement,a new motherboard or smaller replacement.

Never attempt to perform a repair yourself,as if you're untrained, much greater damage may be caused to your laptop.

Common Problems
• Dead Pixels
LCD screens sometimes develop dead/defective pixels,which will appear as a dark dot on the screen.They are often formed during the manufacturing process and can often be fixed with specialist software or light manipulation.

• Cracked Screen
The most common cause of a broken laptop screen is a cracked screen.Cracking your laptop screen can be caused by dropping, standing on,or any increased force to the front or rear of the screen.With the liquid crystals leaking within the layers,a screen replacement is almost always needed.

• Lines on the Screen
Lines can sometimes appear on your screen,either horizontally or vertically.The best way to check if you need to send your laptop for repair is to connect it to an external monitor.If the lines are gone,the screen may need replacing. If the lines are still there,you may have a more serious problem,such as a defective graphics card.

• Dim Screen
If your screen becomes darker than normal,but the image still seems fine, the backlight or the inverter may need changing.A specialist repair company will be able to diagnose the exact problem.

• Black Screen
A completely black screen will be due to a lack of brightness,a dead/defective backlight/inverter.

• Flickering Screen
A loose cable or a faulty inverter is the most likely cause for a flickering screen.A thorough investigation is the best course of action.

Speaking from personal experience, when I needed alaptop screen repair for my Toshiba laptop, I choose based on a recommendation from a friend.

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Laptop Screen Repair

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This article was published on 2011/01/05