How to Clean Your Asus LCD Screen?

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The LCD screen of your Asus laptop is one of its most expensive parts. The bad thing about Asus LCD screen is that once it gets damaged or broken, it can’t be repaired and you need to buy a new one immediately. This article highlights some useful tips on protecting your Asus LCD screen from getting damaged or broken.

The LCD screen of your Asus laptop is highly prone to become dirty because of your oily finger prints or dust. Since, it is the most delicate part of your Asus laptop; you should never wipe it with a dry cloth because it is likely to scratch the surface of your Asus Laptop Screen.  

The best way to clean your Asus laptop screen is to buy a good quality LCD screen cleaning solution. Although the solution will cost to you some money, but it is more affordable than the cost of buying a new Asus LCD screen. Always use a soft cloth to clean the LCD screen of your Asus laptop. Never use paper towels, or tissue to clean your monitor because they can scratch your Asus laptop screen and damage it permanently as well. Keep in mind, the LCD screen of your Asus laptop just like a baby skin and you must take care of it.  If you don’t want to buy LCD cleaning solution from the market, you can prepare it at home by mixing distilled water with one part of vinegar. Never use tap water or mineral water to clean your Asus LCD Screen as their dissolved salts can leave white spots on it. You are also advised not to use solution that contains ammonia, ethyl acid, acetone and methyl chloride. Whenever, you buy the LCD Screen cleaning solution, make sure to check the label for any signs of ammonia. Although this solution is capable to clean your Asus LCD Screen¸ but over time, it might damage your laptop’s display panel as well.

Just turn off your laptop to check the problematic areas (finger prints) of your Asus LCD Screen. If you find any one, just spray the solution on the soft cloth and wipe your Asus LCD Screen in one direction, from top to button. In case, you find some streaks after wiping¸ wipe your LCD Screen with a dry cloth immediately after. Caution: Don’t apply too pressure on your LCD Screen and never spray the cleaning solution directly on it.    

Before using your closing your Asus laptop, make sure that its LCD Screen is already dry. Don’t touch the LCD Screen of your Asus laptop. If you ignore this advice again and again, you are likely to leave permanent fingerprints on your LCD Screen.  

Last but not the least, caring your Asus laptop screen is much affordable than buying a new one. However, despite all efforts, if you need to buy a new LCD Screen for your Asus laptop, you can buy it online at at the most affordable prices.

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How to Clean Your Asus LCD Screen?

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How to Clean Your Asus LCD Screen?

This article was published on 2011/10/23