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It's the laptop LCD screen that takes up 1/3 of the whole cost. So people are really cautious about the laptop LCD screen. HP G60-121WM LCD screen is 15.6 inches. For me, it's really cherished to keep it while use it. Laptop LCD screen, as this HP G60-121WM LCD screen, is a relatively delicate component. And the cost is also high. It's evitable that no one wants to have a new LCD screen. There are many ways to keep the HP G60-121WM LCD screen. I prefer to post and share with all.

Under good power management: HP G60-121WM LCD screen will turn to dark yellow after long time usage Set power management options in Windows, so you do not operate the computer for a long time to automatically turn off the LCD screen is generally set the waiting time of 5-10 minutes, can effectively extend the life of the LCD screen lamp, while saving the notebook electricity, do both. Some people use screen saver to "protect" LCD screen, this method is not only ineffective, but also for display screensaver for fixed content may also damage the screen;

No pressing, crashing, bumping: LCD screen is constituted by two thin glass substrates: the surface coverage of the polarization plate and the organic coating. If you use the LCD screen squeezed hard object, the light polarization plate deformation to the formation of white, heavy fracturing will lead the screen work improperly. Easily overlooked point is that when the laptop screen is closed. Do not press too much weight on it, a few seemingly simple dictionary will become your laptop screen may be the killer.

Cleaning:  LCD screen cleaning is simple cloth with water and add the eyes can be completed, if you encounter a stubborn stains, such as handwriting mimeograph or ball-point pen can use 10:1 diluted detergent wipe, and then use a soft, dry cloth to clean. Avoid using some cleaning of electronic products such as organic solvents such as gasoline alcohol, wipe the LCD screen surface, so that is always brought to the screen also can not afford to wipe traces.

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Highlight Your Laptop LCD Screen

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This article was published on 2010/09/24