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The use of flat panel LED monitors has increased significantly at trade shows. This trend looks to be expanding into retail store fronts and mall kiosks across the globe. People are naturally enamored with television screens because their steady stream of images and sounds is soothing and exciting at the same time. It's no wonder that advertising and marketing campaigns with video elements capture the interest of audiences better than ones that don't. With such a rapid growth in use, manufacturers have responded by increasing the amount of LED racks in the marketplace. These racks are very important because not only do they hold your monitor, they can also serve as a frame your screen. A great LED rack can advertise your graphics in a completely different light. Various styles are currently flooding the internet and electronic stores. It is more important than ever to find the best LED racks for your specific needs.

The most common LED racks offered are either 48" or 72" tall models in silver polished or black polished metal. These marketing solutions are designed for monitors from 12" to 72" and weighing somewhere between thirty and over 100 pounds. LED racks often should include a VESA mounting system to fit hardware regulations. VESA, the Video Electronics Standards Association, has created universal bracketing and mounting standards for monitors. Look for the VESA label on the LED screen and LED rack to ensure the quality of each item. Often times, tilting frames can be found on the racks. This addition is important for those users interested in changing screen levels. Many tilting frames are easy to control. Passersby are always more intrigued with a screen that is at their eye-level. You will also want a LED rack with plastic strips and slots in the pillar. The strips and columns make it simple to conceal unsightly wires from customer view. A final tip for LED racks of any size is mobility. Many models have openings for inserting wheels. Use the wheels for moving the LED rack from one area to another in your store. Once you have found the best position for the screen in your showcase, you can either lock the wheels or remove them all together. These LED racks grant the user complete control over the display.

Extra accessories are available with most models. Attach a literature holder onto the LED rack post for supplemental advertisements. A booth at a trade show is always more effective when it can dole out magazines, flyers, and other circulars. Similar to literature holders are LED racks with multiple brochure cases. These selections have anywhere from one to three pockets within a container. Many of these brochure holders are manufactured in clear acrylic for advertising. Shelving options heighten the function of the LED racks. A shelf is designed for spreading out catalogues, placing media players such as DVD players and laptops, keeping contact information, or simply having further explanation of the graphics on the monitor. LED racks also can hold poster frames. The posters can accentuate your LED rack with vibrant images and colors. Curved poster frames are a nice option for images that need to bend to get attention. Look for poster frames with grooves because they are usually easier to load. Check out banner options for displays that require more than one graphic. These banners are usually crafted from vinyl and can advertise customizable messages. You can also mix and match these accessories on one model. These television stands are capable of accommodating banners and literature stands, shelves and literature stands, and banners and shelves.

If you are looking for a residential or conference room LED stand there are also many options out there for you. Ranging in height from 42" to 75" tall, metal stands are a great addition to homes or companies. Many racks have multiple glass shelves for holding DVD players or other media devices. Capable of adjusting at the shelves, or sometimes in overall height, there are many versatile racks around. They are often equipped with the same wire holding devices. Wheels can be included for easy maneuvering. Models with pointed feet at the base are also a good choice because they add to the overall stability of the item. There also many modern takes on the LED rack with curved post oval based models. Like with any good, these items run the gamut from economic to high end. Choose the model that best fits your specific budget.

Evaluate what you expect from your video displays and the situation you plan on implementing them in. Learn the styles of the various racks and make an educated decision regarding which type of rack to buy. Remember, there are always extra accessories to buy, so don't feel trapped with a less elaborate showcase.

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Advertising With LED Racks

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This article was published on 2011/03/24